“Over 100 years being together with Thai people.” emphasizing the image of being one of the quality herbal haematic medicines remaining with Thai people for a century.


Penpark heamatic capsule

Properties : Nourish blood, relieve irregular menstruation symptoms

Taste : Filling the medicine in the capsule. It is easy to eat, suitable for those who do not like to take liquid medicine.
Penpark heamatic capsules : B.B. Pharma Co., Ltd. was able to produce a pill of Penpark heamatic for many decades, but not being sold, because it is only the process of grinding and pelletizing herbs, which do not provide therapeutic effects. It requires to take 10-100 tablets at a time to get important substances from herbs. Almost capsules in the market today are made from ground herbs. Regarding to our continuous and meticulous research, therefore, Penpark heamatic capsules were released into the market in 2008. They are produced by dry extraction with modern manufacturing processes and passed the quality test with HPLC technique to ensure that the capsules are effective in treating no different from traditional liquid formulations.

Content : 30 capsules