Milkvetch Root


Milkvetch Root, Astragalus or Huang Qi is one of the herbs that Chinese doctors have used for thousands of years. Buk-ung Qi is a Chinese good quality Milkvetch Root originated from the northern part. In general, the root is used as herbal medicine. It is used for treating many symptoms such as cold, allergies, body aches, easily tired, Kidney Disease, Diabetes, Hypertension, Anemia, HIV or AIDS infected, or stimulating immunity. It is also used to protect the liver, against bacteria and viruses. Some people apply to patients with Breast cancer. Cervical cancer, Lung cancer.


• For Diabetes, it was found that eating herbal recipes containing Milkvetch Root or medicating Milkvetch Root into blood vessels can help reduce blood sugar level.
• Reduce the side effects of chemotherapy.
• Relieve irregular menstruation symptoms. It was found that eating Chinese medicine containing Milkvetch Root may help to make your menstruation become more regular.

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