Kaffir lime


Bergamot is a medicinal plant used by Thai people for a long time. It is a small perennial plant, solid wood. The trunk and branches have slightly long thorns. It has a dark green color similar to a lemon. The surface is rough. The top and end of calyx are tufted. The young fruit is dark green. When it ripes, the fruit will turn bright yellow. The varieties of small fruits have less rough skin and no calyx at the top. There are many seeds inside the fruit.


• Kaffir lime skin can relieve insomnia by using the skin of kaffir lime to grind with Licorice Root, Cassumunar ginger, Chiangpra, Zedoary, boil it to use as drinking water.
• Nourish the heart Using about 1 tablespoon of fresh kaffir lime skin to mix with Borneol or Camphor in boiling water, leaving it to soak and able to drink.
• Help to relieve fainting, blackout, dizziness by taking a slice of kaffir lime brewed with boiling water and adding a little camphor and able to drink to cure symptoms
• Help to expel intestine, relieve colic, resolve flatulence
• Help to eliminate toxins in the body through the skin by using kaffir lime skin as an ingredient in herbal sauna.

Reference : https://medthai.com/ผิวมะกรูด/