Cinnamon is a medicine or spice obtained by scraping the outermost shell completely then peel the phloem out of the core by using a knife to cut along the length of the branch, dry it in the shade and alternately expose to the sun for about 5 days. While drying, use the hands to curl the edges on both sides together. When the skin has dried, bind it together. Cinnamon bark with good quality must be light brown or rust.


• The bark and wood are spicy, sweet, moist and fragrant. It is a warming drug affecting the kidneys, spleen and bladder. It is used to nourish the body. It helps warms up the body, distributes coldness in the body and improves blood circulation. (bark and wood)
• The bark of the Cinnamon tree is used to mix as a compound of cordial and snuff, help to refresh, relieve headache and exhaustion (bark)

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