Indian gooseberry


It is the same family of gooseberry. It is a famous fruit for rich in high vitamin C. It helps to prevent cold. It is a shrub tree or medium sized perennial plant with 8-20 meters high. It has round and smooth fruits. The fruit is thick green.Its skin has longitudinal fissures, divided into 6 hemispheres. The ripe fruit is yellowish green, clear skin, moist with sour and astringent taste.


• Solve thirst, help reduce thirst. You just chewing its fruit to seep out, it helps reduce the parched symptoms.
• Relieves colds and reduces sore throat. Indian gooseberry contains high tannins acid and vitamin C. Its sour taste can dissolve phlegm very well.
• Reduce fever because Indian gooseberry is a cold medicine, therefore it helps to release heat from the body.

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